I've worked on the Lottery at three different agencies. These are my three favorite projects.

Caesar's Jackpot
To promote this scratch game, we encouraged Minnesotans to "let their Vegas out."

We took the TV further by bringing the characters to life, having them show up at local events, as well as here:

Calling the number on the flier meant hearing a message–expertly copywritten by this guy–that balanced fact and fun. Amused locals posted pictures of the flier to social media, alerting the local news stations who each ran a segment on our campaign.

MN Scratch Games. Give the gift of surprise.
Photographed by Martin Schoeller, these giant heads took over not only transit shelters and bus backs, but were also projected onto building facades in downtown Minneapolis.

The Lottery's longest-playing scratch game called for a spot shot at 1000 FPS.